Pushing the Boundaries

In addition to consulting, Andrée Tremoulet conducts research through the Center for Urban Studies at Portland State University. Andrée partners with research faculty and students on multi-disciplinary projects at the intersection of housing, transportation and the built environment with a focus on people and places at the fringe

Homeless Encampments on Public Right-of-Way

State transportation agencies own large amounts of land In urban areas where people without housing access necessary services. We researched the challenges of homeless encampments on public rights-of-way and developed a best practices guide for how to respond. (Read more)

Overcoming Challenges to Location-Efficient Housing Choices

In the Portland region, transportation costs consume approximately 30% of a low-income family’s monthly income. This research involves helping households that use housing vouchers find location-efficient housing to reduce their overall transportation costs. (Read more)

Aging in Place in Manufactured Housing

Manufactured housing communities function as affordable, old-fashioned neighborhoods for working class retirees. Neighbors know each other, feel safe, socialize and help each other when medical and other emergencies arise. This research explores how manufactured housing communities can support healthy aging in place. (Read more)