Commonworks Consulting offers planning, reasearch and facilitation services at the intersection of housing, community development and the built environment.

Affordable Housing Planning and Policy Development

Housing provides more than shelter; it also provides access to opportunity. We help you create plans aimed at capturing the full potential of housing. (Read more)

Community-Based Research

Nimble, resilient organizations stay attuned to their changing environment. We help you explore emerging issues, identify best practices, evaluate programs and investigate hidden trends affecting your organization. (Read more)

Project Facilitation

Does your project need traction? We provide project management and facilitation skills to build momentum and complete specific, time-bound projects. (Read more)  

    Public Engagement Enhancement

    Sometimes the most important voices to hear are those furthest from the decision-making process. We help you listen to the people with the fewest assets to weather change. (Read more)  

    Strategic Planning

    Small organizations must be highly strategic. We help you sharpen your focus, cultivate resilience and build organizational infrastructure to run programs efficiently. (Read more)