In choosing the name Commonworks Consulting, I wanted to speak of collaboration and mutual respect because I believe…

  • ALL of us are smarter and stronger than any ONE of us
  • our complex world demands our cooperation
  • collaborative solutions sow the seeds of resilience
  • we can shape a collective destiny by working together

Commonworks is based on an old-fashioned belief in craftsmanship and hard work. 

As a consultant or a colleague, I commit to you as a team member. We are in it together, and I work to ensure the success of our team. I listen to and honor what you say. I keep an eye out for what I understand to be your and our best interest.

Once we work together, I don’t forget you. I may send information relevant to what we have done together or where you hope to go in the future.  

My logo design invites intentional ambiguity. What do you see?

  • An image inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement
  • An essential gear that amplifies energy 
  • Six people engaging around a common round table

Thank you for your curiosity and interest. If we haven’t met already, I hope to meet you soon.

Andrée Tremoulet